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Submission Guidelines


Submissions should contemplate historical memory and consciousness in its relation to a contemporary concern.  Submissions may take a number of approaches including: a discussion that provides historical context to a contemporary issue; a commentary on historical representations in popular culture; an analysis of historical assumptions embedded in debates taking place in the media or political arena; or, a discussion about public memory and historical consciousness as it relates to a specific matter. These are merely examples. Other options are possible as well.


All submissions must be nominated by a faculty member at Carleton University.  Please send your submissions to Professor A. Diptee at

Format of Submissions?

Type: We welcome both written and multi-media projects.

Length of Submissions: Ideally between 700-1000 words. We will consider longer or shorter pieces.

Citations: APA Citation Style

Format (Multi-media): It depends. Please check with us to discuss requirements. We will try to work with most formats.

Copyright: Contributors are responsible for ensuring that images, sounds, or other material respect copyright law.

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