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Boost Your Home Value With a Plumbing Upgrade

Whenever someone wants to sell his or her house, they expect the best market value for it. Most of the time people go for kitchen and bathroom upgrades to boost the value of their home. They tend to avoid touching the plumbing part as it is not all that visible when you sell your home. But it is not all true, plumbing upgrades can significantly boost the value of your home. Therefore you must do it thoroughly to have an impact on the overall value of your home.

For the proper plumbing upgrades you need to hire a plumbing professional to do the job for you. Plumbing projects are a little expensive, therefore you should do it one project at a time. Plumbing upgrades can improve the functionality of your house and you can add some eco-friendly and energy saving ideas to it. You can upgrade your house plumbing in multiple ways. Let’s discuss how your plumbing upgrades can boost your home value.

Replace Your Old Toilet

If your home has old toilets where water is constantly running, your toilet bowl is leaking and there is some sort of condensation around it, then you need to consider replacing your old toilet with a new one. Sometimes the toilet loosen up from the floor, make different noises and it’s flushing is not regular, then also you need to look for a new toilet for your home. Even if your toilet is running smoothly but very old, you can still go for a more eco-friendly option.

Go for Eco-friendly Upgrades

By installing eco-friendly upgrades, you can have a good selling point to your potential buyers that your home utilizes eco-friendly elements to save energy and water. Eco-friendly upgrades have a solid financial impact and help you get the best value for your home.

You can start with a low flow shower head and more energy saving water heater to go for eco-friendly options. You can also replace the leaky faucets and pipes to improve the efficiency of your home while saving money on water bills.


When someone buys or rents a home, pipes are the most commonly overlooked part. A little insulation of the pipes can save a good fortune in energy saving because most of the houses contain their pipes and heater in the basement. Basement is always a little cooler as compared with the other part of the house. Therefore a small insulation of your pipe can boost your energy performance.

Insulating your pipes doesn’t cost much and you can easily do it by yourself by purchasing the pipe wraps from your local hardware store and easily slide it over your pipes. You also need to get your outside faucets covered too to keep your water flow smoothly in the hard winter time.


Simple dishwasher can significantly boost the value of your home. If your home doesn’t have a dishwasher installed then do it right away to enhance the appeal of your home. There are few people who have never washed their dishes by hand, your home without a dishwasher will be a big disappointment. You must choose the brand that establishes itself as an eco-friendly and energy saving option. Make sure a professional comes to install it at your home.

Some people might think a dishwasher is a waste of money, they generally tend to overlook the benefits of it. Once you have it installed you will see that it can significantly boost the value and appeal of home.

Proper Drain Maintenance

Slow running or clogged drains can have an adverse effect on the value of your home in the eyes of a potential buyer. They will be very apprehensive about it and may think of it as a major issue. Drain cleaners can do a small job but for proper drain cleaning you must hire a professional to come and eradicate the issue once and for all.

Even if you have to replace the whole drainage system, do it. It will significantly boost the value of your home and your drain system will remain in healthy condition for a long time. Normally we don’t think this way but any types of plumbing upgrades can save us from any major issue in the future while improving the value of our home.

Add-on to Other Remodeling Projects

To boost the value of your home, most people go for kitchen and bathroom remodeling. If you are already fixing these places then must add-on the plumbing upgrades to these places too. New plumbing installation can completely provide you the new look to your home as well as improve the functionality. This will again help you get the best value for your home.

All these small plumbing upgrades not only improve the life of your home’s plumbing system but also help you boost the value of your home considerably. There are many DIY enthusiasts who think they can do all these upgrades by themselves. But plumbing upgrades are a lot different as compared with other DIY projects. Therefore to boost the value of your home with plumbing upgrades you must take help of a plumbing expert.