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Why Scheduling a Sewer Inspection Matters So Much

The most crucial time of a person’s life is when he decides to buy a house. Buying a home is not easy. It is a very hectic process with so much information to analyze. There are so many factors to consider before committing your money to a specific house. Most of the time, property dealers or brokers do not disclose all the small details about the place. Therefore it becomes your duty to inspect the house thoroughly. If you miss out on any damage or issue to the home, that can cost you some serious money.

Inspection May Not Be Enough:

Every homebuyer needs to consider a thorough home inspection before purchasing the house. A professional inspection report can make or break the deal and is the most vital part of the home buying process. A solid home inspection report can provide the desired confidence to the homebuyer. But in most cases, a home inspection doesn’t include all the aspects of the house. Home inspectors are professionally trained to find any slightest issue with the house’s interior or exterior. Inspecting the building from top to bottom is their primary task. These inspectors can provide you with vital information about the roof, electrical wiring, the house’s basic frame structure, and a bit of the indoor plumbing systems.

This report established by the inspector can help you renegotiate the price of the house if you find any problems in the house or any of its systems. Price adjustment might be reasonable, but this inspection report might alert you about some serious issues in the house. Even when the inspection report is good, what about the sewer system. Most of the inspectors have a fundamental knowledge of sewer systems. It is easier to tell if there are leaking faucets but more difficult to judge the underground sewer lines. That’s why a simple home inspection is not enough. You need a thorough sewer line inspection report along with video evidence. Video records can show you any problem area in the sewer line and save a ton of money upfront.

On top of that, your inspector could be from outside of the state and have no basic idea about the sewage line of the city. You don’t want to leave the matter of the sewer line to an inspector who does not know the sewer line of the town and has no idea about the underground sewer system. Therefore a simple home inspection is not enough, and you need a proper sewer line inspection too.

Importance of Home Sewer Inspection

There are still a lot of properties that are good 30 or 40 years old. Indoor and outdoor plumbing systems evolve with time. Therefore a 30-40-year-old plumbing system or sewer line may not be not good in the long run. It is wiser to thoroughly look at the underground sewer lines of the house to safeguard yourself from potential heavy sewer line repair expenses. Sometimes it is better to replace the entire sewer line before moving to your new house.

Many homebuyers have to spend extra money to fix their sewer issues on top of their closing cost of the house because they forgot the home sewer inspection. Some of them find sewer lines broken or damaged by the tree roots and other reasons. Cast iron pipes can easily erode with time and need to be replaced after a specific period. To avoid any future financial losses and permanent structural damage to your house, it is best to conduct a thorough sewer inspection before buying the house. The best course of action is to ask the dealing agent or homeowner to hire a professional sewer contractor to conduct a video recorded sewer line inspection. A video inspection of the sewer laterals can save homebuyers a good amount of money and time.

You will have a better idea about your home’s plumbing and sewer laterals with the help of a video camera inspection. Any sewer leak, pipe erosion, tree roots and lateral sewer breaks can easily be found with the help of this sewer inspection. You will also get an idea about the depth of your sewer laterals and whether it is appropriately connected with the city’s sewer line. You can also determine if your sewer is connected with your neighbour’s sewer line or some illegal commercial line. Therefore you can make a better decision about your plan to purchase the house.

Solution for Lousy Sewer Line

If you still decided to buy a house with a foul sewer line or you already bought a house that needs sewer repair, then it is better to go for a trenchless sewer line replacement method. The trenchless methods replace the sewer line without digging your entire landscape. It is a very efficient and quick method when compared with the traditional way. Your entire sewer line can easily be replaced in just a day. But every home has its unique underground fitting. Therefore, getting an estimate from a professional team before committing to purchase a home with a faulty sewer line is wiser.