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Tips To Diagnose A Noisy HVAC System

The beginning of the summer season marks the advent of scorching heat and tremendous heat. Other than this, during the summer season, air conditioners are used excessively. As the usage increases, there are chances that it might show some problems while working. For instance, noisy HVAC systems are a common problem that mostly happens in summer. Though, most of the time, people are unable to detect the noise and its causes. Other than this, it causes a lot of irritation and moreover can also reduce the working efficiency of air conditioners. Thus, to keep all these problems at bay, here are a few tips that you can follow to diagnose a noisy HVAC system:

  • HVAC doesn’t Shut Down

Switching on an air conditioner is really a big blessing but what if it does not switch off? It simply means that your air conditioner is not working properly. The condition and situation of the air conditioner are not fine and thus it needs maintenance. Though, there are many reasons that support this issue. In addition to this, when your air conditioner runs continuously it will leave you with a hefty electricity bill. Moreover, its internal parts will also be damaged. Following are few reasons due to which AC is unable to shut down:


An unclean air conditioner usually does not shut down as its internal parts are filled with dust making it difficult to function efficiently.


An air conditioner and ventilation system are supported by a refrigerant. When the refrigerant starts leaking, the air conditioner faces a problem while shutting down. If it is leaking then the cooling system is not working in a proper manner. In case, if any such issue occurs, it is best to call a professional for further assistance.

  • Squeaking and Screeching

Another issue that could arise is excess noise which can be in the form of squeaking and screeching. These are annoying in nature and cause a lot of irritation. Though this is different from a loud noise but audible enough to irritate you. Other than this, detecting the exact reason for the noise might take a few tries and also a professional. Thus, it is best to call a professional for this work. Here are a few reasons that can cause these kinds of annoying noises:

Muddy Filters

Muddy or unclean filters make an air conditioner extremely unhygienic. Owing to this, the coolant does not show any effect and further the quality of air conditioner degrades too. Therefore, if you detect any kind of noise, it is best to check the filter first.


The duct is an essential element of an air conditioner. When small cracks or holes appear in it, it may cause the air conditioner to whistle. Thus, it is important to repair it within time.

  • Rapid Speedy Sounds

This problem is kind of big in nature and most likely difficult to detect. It is also called rattling and is a serious issue. As told, there are different kinds of noises that an air conditioner makes depending upon the intensity of damage and the issue that is causing it. Rattling may occur due to the below-listed reasons:

Insecure Registers

Rattling is the result of loose or insecure registers. Registers are simply the screws and nails that are holding the air conditioner at a place. When they become loose, they automatically start making rattling noises. The movement of air from one place to another causes them to rattle. Thus, the best solution for this is to tighten all the loose screws so that noise stops. Other than this, there are chances that registers are damaged. It is quite easy to replace registers and one can do it at home only.

Fan Blades

Rattling usually occurs from various spots and not from one particular spot. In that case, an individual must look for fan blades. There are high possibilities that fan blades are damaged. Motor, air handle, and other internal parts must be checked properly to determine the main cause of the issue. It is best to call a professional for this purpose rather than doing it by yourself.

Check Outdoor

Most of the time the outdoors is not leveled properly. When they are unleveled in nature, the rattling sound ought to happen. Hence, one must properly check the leveling. It is quite risky to check as electric wires are around there. Thus, proper caution needs to be taken while performing this task. Other than this, the source of noise will also be determined and fixed.


Therefore, it is recommended that before the beginning of the summer season it is best to check the air conditioner. Otherwise, later on, it will cause a lot of problems. In addition to this, the above-listed problems do look small in nature but can turn into big problems that will surely burn a hole in your pocket. Hence, it is best to avoid them beforehand by taking proper measures.